The present terms and conditions govern the relationship between the ”Client” (the party purchasing translation services directly from the Translator) and the ”Translator” (SIA Abellana Plus). When placing an order, the Client confirms his/her agreement to the following Terms and Conditions of Service:

  1. All service orders for translation work shall be placed/confirmed in writing and contain a project description, deadline, rate per translation unit, definition of the translation unit and payment terms. No verbal agreements are in force.
  2. If the translation project is cancelled after a formal work assignment has been made by the Client, the Translator is entitled to be paid for all work completed up to the time of the project cancellation by the Client. In this case the Translator should provide the Client all the materials translated by that moment. The payment amount is calculated based on the earlier agreed rate per translated unit.
  3. The Client may ask to insert corrections/make revisions to the translated material within 20 working days from the date of the job delivery to the Client. Depending on the nature of the necessary corrections/revisions, some of them can be done by the Translator free of charge. No claims with regards to the translated material or its quality are accepted after the end of this period.
  4. In case the Client is not satisfied with the quality of Translator’s work, the Translator should be given the opportunity to correct the translation. Only after that the change of the payment terms or project amount can be negotiated.
  5. The amount of financial claims with regards to a project cannot exceed the total amount of the particular project.
  6. The Translator retains copyrights to the translation in full, until the invoice for service has been paid in full. After the invoice payment the copyrights for the translation done is being transferred to the Client and/or End Customer and become their sole property. Any use of the translation without payment in full represents a copyrights infringement under national and international law.
  7. If the job done by Translator is available to the public after it is completed (for example, in the form of a public website, company brochure, etc.), the Translator may use the work and/or mention it in a portfolio or as a professional reference.
  8. If the Client acts on behalf of an End Client or third party, the present Terms and Conditions of Service refer to the Client only. The Client is entitled to pay for the service of the Translator pay the translator promptly, regardless of the End clients’/third party’s payment terms or agreements between them.